THE BLUES MAGOOS - 'So I'm Wrong And You Are Right'/'The People Had No Faces' (Verve Folkways KF-5044) Feb 1967

Sometime in 1964 a teen band from Bronx, NY calling themselves The Trenchcoats were formed by schoolmates Ralph Scala (vocals/keyboards) and Ronnie Gilbert (bass). They were joined by John Finnegan (drums), Dennis Lapore (guitar) and Emil 'Peppy' Theilhelm (guitar).

Noteworthy gigs in Greenwich Village at the Cafe Wha and the Nite Owl followed. By now they had been renamed The Bloos Magoos. In September 1965, the group recorded some tracks including both songs on this disc that were written and produced by Rick Shorter.

According to the liners of the official Mercury CD 'The Best Of The Blues Magoos - Kaleidoscopic Compendium' this record remained in the can until it's release during February 1967, seemingly as a cash in on the big success the group were having with the classic 45 '(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet'.

Those familiar with The Blues Magoos music will no doubt be suprised that 'So I'm Wrong And You Are Right' and indeed the flip 'The People Had No Faces' are folk rock tunes with Jaggeresque vocals. Their famous farfisa groove and hard psychedelic guitar sound was clearly not in evidence on these early recordings.

THE BLUES MAGOOS - 'So I'm Wrong And You Are Right'

scans sent in by Jim W


  1. This is great stuff.I really like the way the kick drum sound on this one. The sound of 1965.

  2. This was initially released in early January, 1966.
    It's on Verve-Folkways #5006, credited as the Bloos Magoos
    A Record World magazine announcement by the label stated this 45 and a few others would be issued the first week of January.
    Of course, the label tried to cash-in once "Nothin' Yet" was quickly ascending to the Top Ten nationally. So in February 1967, it was re-released, on Verve-Folkways 5044, with the updated group name.
    On a side note, it would be great if you, or someone could find Rick Shorter and get his story!


  3. Thanks for that info MTM. I had my suspicions that the Mercury CD liners were incorrect about the original release of the Verve-Folkways single.


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