THE SONS OF ADAM - 'Tomorrow's  Gonna Be Another Day'/'Take My Hand' (Decca 31887) Dec 1965

The Sons Of Adam could have been serious contenders for the Los Angeles royal throne had they stayed together longer than the brief period that they were a recording act. Guitarist and singer Randy Holden would quit the Sons after an argument (according to his website) and the band eventually fizzled out with drummer Michael Stuart turning up in a future line-up of Love. Holden of course went on to The Other Half then progressed to Blue Cheer.

'Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day' captures The Sons Of Adam in rockin' mood. The flip 'Take My Hand' is another cool side with a neat guitar break which should have been a whole lot louder.

Although they were based in Los Angeles, The Sons Of Adam were regular visitors to San Francisco and gigged often at the Fillmore Auditorium and the Avalon Ballroom playing with the likes of Love, The Charlatans, Big Brother and the Holding Company and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

THE SONS OF ADAM - Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day


  1. Fender IV, Sons of Adam, then the Other Half..Blue Cheers...and his solo album. All the bands were Randy was are highly recommended.
    My favourites, surf sounds - beat from Fender and the raw n primitive production of the Sons.(the crazy driven guitar in this song its just great...)

    Perhaps some good words to describe Randy: A '60s guitar hero who never seemed to be in the right place at the right time.

    If you ask me, I think Randy its better than Jeff Beck for example...never had the success he deserved...

  2. I just read Michael Stuart-Ware's book on his days in Sons of A and Love. A lot of great stories, mostly about smoking dope and hanging out in clubs on the Strip. Hereby recommended.


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