THE SEEDS - 'Mr Farmer'/'Up In Her Room' (GNP Crescendo 383) Jan 1967

Most copies of this Seeds release came with 'No Escape' on the flip but this version had 'Up In Her Room' on the other side of 'Mr Farmer' as well as a picture sleeve if you were lucky.

Whenever I've seen clips of The Seeds on You Tube from various 60s TV Shows I've always been surprised at how weird Sky Saxon is. His performances and movements are strange to say the least. Maybe this was the appeal of The Seeds to many. I just knew he was different and The Seeds sound coloured my world back in the 80s.

Everyone knows their big hit 'Pushin' Too Hard', some may be even aware that 'Mr Farmer' is the coolest but has anyone ever noticed or realised just how GREAT 'Up In Her Room' is? The whole of The Doors first album appears to based on the bluesy 'organ heavy' rush of this classic.

THE SEEDS - Up In Her Room


  1. Certainly this is a really cool song.
    Nice lyrics, and amazing organ yes...I just love that sound...never get tired...

    Well, the countdown its reaching its end...and all are killers! Sons Of Adam, the Doors, ufff...we are having a ball with FLOWER BOMB SONGS !!! KEEP IT UP-


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