THE STANDELLS - 'Why Pick On Me'/'Mr. Nobody' (Tower 282) Sept 1966

During 1966 The Standells could do no wrong with a big hit in 'Dirty Water' and a sell out tour supporting The Rolling Stones. Their final release of '66 was this great two sided punk gem, full of attitude and full of fuzz and that's two of the main ingrediants that 'Flower Bomb Songs' constantly craves.

However, flip the hit 'Why Pick On Me' over and become charmed by the instant raunchy fuzz punk of 'Mr Nobody'. This record has been an ever present on my turntable since the 80s. Being the outsider loner type I pretty much embraced 'Mr Nobody' as my personal 60s punk anthem. I was that guy...Mr Nobody.

I know all of The Standells music has been re-issued and is easy to get but I'm surprised that 'Mr Nobody' was never compiled (still hasn't) back in the 80s heyday of garage compilations.



Picture 1 shows The Standells dressed in white like the good guys they are. Dave Burke the new bass player is present. He didn't last long though, maybe six months!
Picture 2 shows Larry Tamblyn (who wrote Mr Nobody) during a studio recording at American Recording Studios.