02. LOVE - 7 AND 7 IS

LOVE - '7 And 7 Is'/'No. Fourteen' (Elektra EK-45605) July 1966

The last ever recording session with the original line up of Love resulted in the cataclysmic '7 And 7 Is'
Arthur Lee wrote the song at the Colonial Apartments in Hollywood after rising early one morning while the rest of his cohorts were still asleep. The mystifying lyrics seem to touch on his childhood but I've read in some liners that it's a song about an old girlfriend.

Johnny Echols once described '7 And 7 Is' as "controlled chaos" and I must say I can hear why. The backbeat is so fast that drummer Alban Snoopy Pfisterer had to make over 20 takes to get it right.

When I was still a teenager (early 80s) I somehow discovered the music of Love and excitedly took the LP 'da capo' to my friends house who was havin' a beer and dope party. Everyone hated the record especially 'Orange Skies', She Comes In Colors' and '7 And 7 Is' because this piece of greatness had the improvised jazzy fade. The muppets just didn't get it. Side Two never got played!

The super cool European sleeves have been sent in by my Dutch pal Jim.

LOVE - 7 And 7 Is


  1. Found this 45 one day in a rummage box at a small record shop (mint condition) ... I couldn't believe what I was looking at, scarfed it up ran home ... played it once and tucked it away. THIS IS AN ANTHEM TO 60's ROCK.

  2. Uha...that chart its good as the bands that are playing nowadays right? ?...damn the 60s were the real deal...


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