THE BYRDS - 'All I Really Want To Do'/'I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better' (CBS 201796) Aug 1965

The second Byrds 45 coupled a Bob Dylan composition 'All I Really Want To Do' with the all time folk rock classic 'I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better' by Gene Clark and I think it's only right that this Byrds monster is number 1 on my L.A. mix.

'All I Really Want To Do' is a different mix than the one that appeared on the LP 'Mr Tambourine Man'. Surprisingly, this 45 sold poorly in America especially after the million selling debut record. Soon after the single was released the B-Side was promoted as the A-Side with DJ copies issued on red vinyl. Maybe because Cher's version of 'All I Really Want To Do' was out selling The Byrds version?

The British seemed to dig it more and it reached number 4.

THE BYRDS - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better


  1. Ah, at last this makes it to no. 1. I think you're right about Cher. As you know, the story goes that she and Sonny saw the Byrds at Ciro's and decided that 'All I Really Want To Do' could be a hit for them. Then they taped the Byrds' version and recorded it with the same arrangement. Columbia got pissed and decided to release the record by the Byrds anyway.

    Regardless, they should've flipped the single over from the start. This simply is a timeless gem that deserves to be played LOUD.

  2. awesome tune, the cover by the Flamin Groovies is pretty cool too

  3. AMAZING song... the gateway to the Byrds for me.


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