IT'S BOSS - Los Angeles Sound Capsule 1965-1968 - Part 2 CDR

The songs on this compilation are those from numbers 25 to 50 in my countdown of Los Angeles folk rock, garage and psych winners listed on my blog over the past couple of months. I will continue down to number 1 over the course of the Summer, uploading label scans, rare pics, group information and MP3s to listen to. These are usually always in mono and in 320kBit.

I will send out copies of my It's Boss CDR comp free of charge to "The Bomber", "Transoniq" and "Jingle Jangle Mourning" because despite getting at least 15,000 hits on my blog every month on a regular basis only these three followers have bothered themselves to make any decent contributions and comments. A rather disappointing situation after all of my time and effort piecing this Los Angeles expose together. I thought many more garage and psych collectors would have joined in with info, advice and/or encouragement.

"Transoniq" if you're reading this rant get in touch with your address and I'll forward you a copy of It's Boss

Oh well, it's on with the show in due course. Next up Sunset Strip regulars The Knack.


  1. Great looking artwork, as always.

    I've gotten to know so many janglin' killers by reading your blog these past few years, and the "L.A. Sounds" feature is no exception. It's been a great run so far and I'm really looking forward to reading the entries for numbers 24-1. It amazes me how much great music came out of this scene in such a short timespan.

  2. You do an awesome job here. Make sure you are doing it for the love of sharing this music. Even if people don't respond enough. It can be frustrating sometimes, too. Hang in there!


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