After being battered with use for just over two years my computer has sadly passed on to the other side. Most of my files, pictures, music had been backed up onto an external hard drive. However, some things did die along with my computer, notably most of my earlier Cavestones and Gear! comps. These are now deleted because I just don't have the desire to re do them.

I no longer have internet access until I buy a new computer.... Consequently, there will be no updates for some time.


  1. Well, luckily I received "It's Boss" in the post today, so that'll keep me company until you get reinstalled. Thanks for sending it to me, I'll be spinning it this weekend.

  2. God I hate computer problems. There is very little in modern life that is more exasperating than one's computer going on the proverbial fritz. You have my deepest sympathies, and good luck getting back up and running.

    Got my "It's Boss" today as well. What a generous gift: a real treasure! Thank you!

    I might add: you should have your handwriting made into a font post haste!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I've just ordered a new base unit and I should be all set up by the weekend. The old one started making loud noises and kept crashing every 10 minutes. I reckon the processor or something on the motherboard died and needed replacing.
    It's easier for me to buy a new base unit.

    With regards to my hand writing...I've got a steady hand and have been into graphic design and graffiti since I was a teenager. I've designed plenty of gig posters, backdrops and band logo's in the past. Just as a hobby, nothing professional.

  4. I just hate when that happens! :/


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