29. THE DAVID - I'm Not Alone

THE DAVID - 'I'm Not Alone'/'Sweet December' (VMC V716) 1967

The David were a very talented group of teenagers based in the Los Angeles area led by singer/songwriter Warren Hansen. They had earlier 45 releases on 20th Century Fox before their manager Steven Vail created his own label VMC.

By all accounts The David album 'Another Day, Another Lifetime' was a very costly affair with a big budget and songs that included elaborate string arrangements and eastern style orchestration. Favourable comparisons with The Left Banke have ensured that The David have enjoyed a cult following since the 60s.

Both cuts on this 45 were taken from the studio album and both feature their more garagey sides, in particular the driving fuzz and farfisa led 'I'm Not Alone'.

THE DAVID - I'm Not Alone


  1. Banke alike, yeap, some "airs".

    This 45 needs a loud volume, if you ask me.

    Some songs are medium stuff, from their lp, but other like "im not..." are old goodies.

  2. I love this one!!! I first heard "I'm Not Alone" on Boulders back in '84 and have been looking for a copy ever since. Nice job as usual.

  3. Great stuff. Im surprised they didnt put out 'Tell me more' from the album. Its a killer


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