28. THE ROOSTERS - One Of These Days

THE ROOSTERS - 'One Of These Days'/'You Gotta Run' (Progressive Sounds Of America PSA 1151) April 1966

Flower Bomb Songs favourites The Roosters hailed from Westchester, a suburb of Los Angeles. According to lead singer Ray Mangigian, this group of teenagers were hugely influenced by The Byrds and The Hollies in equal measure.
It's not hard to hear how that influence created some fantastic folk jangle with beautiful harmonies. 'One Of These Days' is the perfect embodiment of the Sunset Strip sound. The flip 'You Gotta Run' is more 12 string jangle but this time is a mournful ballad of sorts. Both sides are KILLER all the way!

When I exchanged emails with Ray last year he claimed that their best moment as a group was performing as the backing band for Sonny & Cher in '66 at Reb Foster's Revelaire Club. Such was this Hollywood couple's fame, they arrived at the Club's parking lot by helicopter.

Read my interview with Ray Mangigian here


  1. This song has everything to be a Nr.1-chart-topper. Kiss the garage where this song was recorded. A monster...

  2. the follow up to "Love Machine" was issued as

    Philips 40559 The Roosters (Sep 1968)
    Home Down Right (James Griffin,Mike Gordon)
    Good Good Lovin (James Griffin,Mike Gordon)
    Prod : Jimmy Griffin and Mike Gordon for Snuff
    Garrett Productions

    other release dates
    "You Gotta Run" (April 1966)
    "Rosebush" (1967)
    "Love Machine" (Dec 1967)

    Davie Gordon

  3. you're right, great stuff, i love it!

  4. exciting sound and melody..strong enough to top charts


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