27. THE ASHES - Is There Anything I Can Do

THE ASHES - 'Is There Anything I Can Do'/'Every Little Prayer' (Vault V-924) 1966

Los Angeles folk rock group The Ashes formed in 1965 and polished their sound with a residency at a club called The Waleback in Santa Monica. By early 1966 they were signed to Vault Records, a small label owned by Jack Lewerke.

The Ashes cut several songs at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood all of which were produced by Richard Delvy from The Challengers. From these sessions 'Is There Anything I Can Do' was selected as their debut 45. The full production sound with it's Phil Spector meets The Byrds arrangement should have been a big hit but it didn't sell and The Ashes had drifted apart by mid '66, eventually morphing into The Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

THE ASHES - Is There Anything I Can Do


  1. That is one amazing song. I just love the mix of Gold Star deep production and 60's folk rock. I have this one among my Girl Group singles box, but it's a fine crossover

  2. Hi Robin..you sent me an MP3 of 'Is There Anything I Can Do' years ago and suitably impressed I scoured the net for the 45.....


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