26. THE EAST SIDE KIDS - Close Your Mind

THE EAST SIDE KIDS - 'Take A Look In The Mirror'/'Close Your Mind' (Orange Empire Records OE-500) 1967

Popular Los Angeles group The East Side Kids played all of the major clubs on the Sunset Strip yet despite a clutch of 45s and an album on UNI they remain relatively unknown. Perhaps this double sided winner on the obscure Orange Empire label was their best release. It's certainly their most psychedelic.

'Take A Look In The Mirror' and 'Close Your Mind' were co written by future Comfortable Chair member Bernie Schwartz. The East Side Kids (or at least most of the band) recorded a 45 as The Sound Of The 7th Son.

THE EAST SIDE KIDS - Close Your Mind


  1. Not of my favourites of the comp but still and enjoyable tune. In the other hand that wild guitar sounds great, especially a nice touch of psych spice!


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