Clear Light - 'Black Roses'/'She's Ready To Be Free' (Elektra EK-45622) Sept 1967

Los Angeles group Clear Light were previously called The Brain Train and under this moniker cut a rare 45, including a much rougher/garage version of 'Black Roses' on Titan Records.

Maybe they decided to change their name to the hipper Clear Light (after a potent brand of LSD) because they started wearing longer hair, weird beards and love beads. Whatever the reason, their manager Bud Mathis touted the groups sounds around L.A. record labels and Elektra signed them up.

During the recording sessions with Elektra founding member Robbie Robison departed. However, he did play on perhaps their finest moment 'She's Ready To Be Free' which was recorded during April 1967. He's also listed/credited on the back of the Clear Light album cover as Robbie Robison "guru".....

'She's Ready To Be Free' was given exposure in the movie 'The President's Analyst' where Clear Light have a cameo appearance.

CLEAR LIGHT - She's Ready To Be Free


Picture of The Brain Train taken from the official Clear Light website.....trip on over here:   Clear Light


  1. One of their most accessible songs, and a longtime favorite. All the while I've been listening to this band's music, I never knew that "Clear Light" was a "brand" of LSD! Ha!

    As usual, great sound on this one!

  2. www.officialclearlight.com - the source of that photo of the Brain Train.

  3. There's an amazing clip on youtube of these doing an instrumental version of this song, taken from the movie "the president's therapist":


    this is a great blog, by the way. please don't quit!


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