SOMEBODY'S CHYLDREN - 'I'm Going Back To New York City'/'Shadows' (Uptown 727) April 1966

These teenagers from Los Angeles were originally known as The Offbeats and were led by whizz kid David Clark Allen. The band changed their name to the more happening Somebody's Chyldren sometime in '66 and released this fine 45 on Uptown.

'I'm Going Back To New York City' is a powerful garage pop mover with some neat lead guitar, heavy bass and excellent production. The flip 'Shadows' is a sweet psychedelic folk tune.

Somebody's Chyldren had two songs, 'I'm Up' and 'Marionettes' on the 'Hellcats' soundtrack released on Tower Records in 1967. They were also Mae West's backing band on her 'Way Out West' LP. I've not heard the latter but I'll be surprised if the resulting music is worthwhile.

Most of the members of Somebody's Chyldren went on to form Marianne in the late 60s.

Somebody's Chyldren were:
David Clark Allen
Dennis Trerotola
Paul Dobies
Ricky Cameron
the girl in the picture is Angela Allen

 black label scan sent in by Jim W.


  1. A Rickenbacker 6-string and a 12-string, all in the same band. Amazing. Pretty guitars and pretty girl. The b/w photo, that is. Mae West kinda looks like a drag queen. The thought of her doing a version of 'Day Tripper', regardless of the backing, is a somewhat scary thought.

  2. Great piece. I have "I'm Up" in all it's jangly/fake British accented glory on a bootleg LP comp and always figured they were American, it's nice to get a bit of info on them. Cheers!

  3. Yes, Jingle said it right. 6/12, no more to ask. Wild beggining, with great guitar. Recently I posted something of the Offbeats, but the ones with Roy Hof from Australia!

    1,2,3 fouuuuuur!

  4. The stuff they did with Mae West is really cool. I have two of those 45s and they're both good.

  5. Well, thanks to MTM on G-45 I guess now it's confirmed: this was the same combo who did the two 45s on Dagonet: "This Sporting Life" and "Cut Your Lawn", as The Children.

    Notice the production credit on the "I'm Going Back to NYC" 45 label: "Dagonet Productions."

    Whomever's Chyldren these were, I like 'em!


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