THE DOORS - 'Light My Fire'/'The Crystal Ship' (Elektra EK-45615) May 1967

Being led by someone as mysterious and enigmatic as lead singer and front man Jim Morrison meant that The Doors could never fail. 'Light My Fire' sold in millions making them a household name but were they any better as a unit than many of the other groups I've featured so far in this Los Angeles mix. The answer is no of course, The Doors were lucky to have Jim Morrison, he made the difference it's as simple as that.

The flip 'The Crystal Ship' has always had the knack to cast my mind adrift mainly because of the opening lyrics that set the tone for this strange and beguiling tune. 'The Crystal Ship' would be perfect for a funeral.

"Before you slip into unconsciousness
I'd like to have another kiss
Another flashing chance at bliss
Another kiss, another kiss"


  1. Hey Expo--I'm really enjoying that "It's Boss" CD. What a mix!

    I remember reading that Morrison's inspiration for "The Crystal Ship" was an offshore oil rig visible from the beach in Santa Barbara. The source of this? None other than Nick Hoffman, latter-day guitarist in The Dovers (for their last 45, "She's Not Just Anybody"), whose own pre-Dovers 45, "King of the Moon", is a way-ahead-of-its time blues-rock mover from '65 (comp'd on one of the Teenage Shutdown's.

  2. My favourite band ever. Listening em its happiness for me. The Doors must be in this blog.


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