44. THE SIN SAY SHUNS - All My Lonely Waiting

THE SIN SAY SHUNS - 'All My Lonely Waiting'/'Rain Drops, Tear Drops' (Venett Records V-108) 1966

According to the liners on the back of their album 'I'll Be There - Live! at P.J's in Hollywood', The Sin Say Shuns formed in late 1965 and quickly made waves as the resident band at P.J's holding down a record six month stand.

The energetic and overlooked garage beat of 'All My Lonely Waiting' was their second 45 on Venett Records, a small label from Hollywood. This is a fantastic tune with it's driving rhythm and some pretty wild stick action from Bobby Cottle. This is the work of a very tight and efficient outfit.

The flip 'Rain Drops, Tear Drops' is a slow ballad.

Bill Eidson (guitar/vocals)
Bobby Cottle (drums)
Tony Visco (organ)
Paul Idelicato (bass)

THE SIN SAY SHUNS - All My Lonely Waiting


  1. Love this concept: a countdown on a music blog, mining obscure '60s sounds from the most fertile region of the U.S., and all discs presented in excellent Expo67 fidelity with label scans and well-informed writeups. Awesome!

    I will visit daily.

  2. Thanks Transoniq....who knows how it will end? I don't have a clue...


  3. Well, if "S.O.S." is number fifty (!!), it sure can't end badly.

  4. Clark Lunde was in this lineup, sometimes as the lead singer. That is him at the left in your photo.
    Besides being the resident band at P.J.'s in Hollywood for a record six months, they also performed at Pacific Ocean Park (P.O.P.), a popular amusement park located in Venice, CA and at several U.S.O. shows in Viet Nam among other places.

  5. Thanks for the information Brian


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