35. THE GIRLS - Chico's Girl

THE GIRLS - 'Chico's Girl'/'Dumb Song' (Capitol 5675) 1965

It's time for some girl garage action and none better than East Los Angeles combo The Girls who were teenage sisters 'discovered' by Capitol Records and sponsored by Fender guitars.
They caused quite a stir in and around Hollywood with their tuff rock sound and played several high profile birthday gigs for 'A' list celebs. The right contacts also enabled them to appear on TV Shows Hullabaloo and Hollywood A Go Go but sadly no tapes of these performances have surfaced on You Tube yet.

'Chico's Girl' has got a full production, it could be said that it's a garage 'wall of sound'. The subtle use of fuzz is a great touch. The song was written by New York songwriting couple Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.

THE GIRLS - Chico's Girl


  1. Great variety you've got going here, considering that you're focusing on one regional scene (L.A.). Of course, the L.A. scene was a diverse one, soundswise, but you're doing an excellent job of highlighting it. Folk-rock with the Gypsy Trips; blistering punk with The Ambertones/Smoke Rings; surf-psych with Opus 1; a few name bands like The Monkees, Association etc.; psych courtesy of The Premiers; and now "Chico's Girl." I'm enjoying this romp through mid-'60s SoCal immensely!

  2. Thanks for the feedback transoniq. Judging from the comments over the past couple of weeks only you and The Bomber seem interested in my Los Angeles trip.

    This is good news for both of you because I'll be sending out a killer 2 CD set of my reviewed fifty, free of charge....
    All cuts sounding WAY better than you've heard them in the past on crappy comps or other blogs.

    I'll probably get more comments now but it's way too late and the offer has now closed.... ain't life a fuckin' bitch sometimes.


  3. Yes, you said that like 10.000 people (or should i say ghosts that only play the tunes and leave!) visited the blog, well, means you are doing hell of a job with the blog, a shame that no feedback its placed or recieved in comments...

    Sorry if sometimes I dont drop longer comments or with more info or something, not that i dont want but dont have enought time to read the whole posts or listen all the tunes, study, work, girls, music, heheheh...flower bomber songs its a casual stop for me, certainly a pleasant one ! ! !

    Keep it up Colin,
    What that f*** is happening with England ¿ ? come on, we need your good football in the world cup...bye bye France, Italy? mmm and lets hope Brazil too!!! hahah

  4. England will come good or I'll 'eat my hat' or start buying death metal records. We just need to change formation and tactics starting tomorrow.

    I've been thinking about packing this blog in a few times recently.

    The scary thing is that there's a delete button I could press and three years work, important interviews, facts, pictures and accurate information from those in 60s garage bands will be gone forever...

    I get the feeling that internet leaches and the entitled generation are more interested in downloading full albums with covers than taking part with a well informed and interesting site like mine.

    Anyway, not to take anything away from The Girls cos 'Chico's Girl' rules!

  5. At least England got through, Denmark lost after an embarrasing effort against Japan! Gimme a break. Pair that with the fact that the team I support, AGF, relegated from the main league (again). Being from Newcastle you must know how that is...?

    Think of your blog as a band that releases great stuff but sells zero records. Like many of the bands you feature here. Know that your hard work is much appreciated, even if only a few people bother to comment.

    Cool pic, btw. Love the Rickenbacker.

  6. Yeah, that's one way of looking at it. I've got an indie blog.

    Although I'm from Newcastle/Sunderland area I've have supported Leeds United since I could kick a ball. The past couple of years have seen Leeds go bankrupt and almost out of business.

    No shame about losing to Japan. On that display they'd have beaten an overated England.

  7. Hey expo67..!

    Is it me or do these sisters ALL look like Sharon Tandy, times 4?!


  8. There are some videos of The Girls on YouTube...but they're under an earlier band name: the Moon Maids.

    If you do a search on YouTube for twist and shout moon maids, or cinder in my eye moon maids, you'll find it.


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