THE L.A. TEENS - 'All I Really Want To Do'/'Saturday's Child' (Decca 31813) July 1965

The L.A. Teens only released two singles, this one under review being the last. However, a Gary Usher website reveals that the band recorded these songs during May/June 1965 as well as three others that remain unreleased.

The titles of which are 'So Glad', 'On The Road Again' and 'Ann Marie'. It's a shame that The L.A. Teens seemingly recorded material then broke up before the Sunset Strip action really took off because judging by the quality of songs I've heard they could have been contenders.

 'All I Really Want To Do', made more famous by The Byrds (they recorded their version in March 1965) is a pleasant enough folk rock version with jangly guitar (probably a 12 string) but I dig the moody punk protest of 'Saturday's Child' on the flip more.


  1. I'm glad to hear there's more stuff they left.
    I've only heard "You'll come running back" and "I'm gonna get you", and this one sounds sort of different from the above ones that I almost thought it's played by another band.


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