45. THE BECKETT QUINTET - (It's All Over Now) Baby Blue

THE BECKETT QUINTET - '(It's All Over Now) Baby Blue'/'No Correspondence' (Gemcor 5003) Oct 1965
This combo were previously known as The Epics and gigged extensively in New Mexico (where they all came from). They even recorded some demos at the famous Norman Petty studios and sometime in early 1965, armed with these demos decided to seek the big time in Hollywood and look for a record deal.

Now calling themselves The Beckett Quintet they got a deal with a new Hollywood label called Gemcor and released this double sided winner in late '65. The single must have gained airplay and shifted units because they were interviewed in KRLA Beat and picked up for national release by A&M. Strangely, the major label disc is very hard to find.

According to ARSA radio survey archive, the 45 managed to hit the top 30 on WLOF Orlando, Florida during October 1965.

The flip 'No Correspondence' has been compiled several times (Pebbles, Garagelands, Journey To Tyme) and is a rudimentary garage classic. The top side and 'hit' is a cover of 'Baby Blue' and has that classic Los Angeles folk rock sound.


  1. Speaking of Petty Studios, I remember listening Buddy & The Crickets,
    also read that it is rumored that there are unreleased recordings in the Petty vaults...one can only hope we will hear them someday...

    Back to the post, another nice version of "its all...", but I do prefer "no correspondance", more in the garage vein.

  2. Young Pablo, your tastes will get more sophisticated in time...

  3. One month ago November, 2013 4 more Beckett tunes (pressed from a Master Tape) were found in a locked cabinet -- they will be added to the two Gemcor and A&M 45 rpm Releases on CD with a cover called ZUNI STAR. Shiloh Orion formally Barry Dunkeson is adding to the CD with a beautiful Hawaiian Slack Key song titled: (Oli Wai (Dancing Stream)

  4. Thanks Steve, that's interesting news. Amazing to know that more Beckett Quintet recordings are to be released!


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