41. THE SMOKE RINGS - Love's The Thing

THE SMOKE RINGS - 'Love's The Thing'/'She Gives Me Love' (Prospect 101) 1966

The Romancers were a very popular East Los Angeles group playing mostly soul and pop music. From the material I've heard by them they didn't really 'pound' too much, apart from this garage rocker titled 'Love's The Thing' written by the Uballez brothers.

The Romancers disc was released on Linda Records during September 1965 but curiously it was re-released on Prospect Records with a name change to The Smoke Rings. The disc also got distributed on Dot.
The flip 'She Gives Me Love' has their usual soul pop overtones.
But it's the killer 'Love's The Thing' that gets in my L.A. Sounds, Select 50 and quite rightly so.

THE SMOKE RINGS - Love's The Thing


  1. Whoops--I meant Romancers, not Ambertones :)


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