39. GYPSY TRIPS - Ain't It Hard

GYPSY TRIPS - 'Ain't It Hard'/'Rock 'N Roll Gypsies' (World Pacific 77809) Nov 1965

The Gypsy Trips were a folk rock duo comprising singer songwriter Roger Tillison and his vocal partner and sunset strip babe Terrye Newkirk. They both relocated from dullsville Oklahoma to the bright lights of L.A. and soon after cut the classic psych tinged folk rock winner 'Ain't It Hard' featuring the tripped out lyric:

"And your brother's in the bathroom with acid in his head,
And there's no place to go cos the town's all dead."

(I've read elsewhere that the lyric is 'acid in his hand' but that's not what Roger is singing in my mind)

'Ain't It Hard' was recorded by The Electric Prunes and released as their first 45 in May 1966.


  1. Another winner--and the bassline really pops on your ace 45 transfer. The lo's are all mud on every other transfer I've heard of this one. Nice job.

  2. Great one...it remainds me the Prunes version...
    which one do you prefer ?


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