37. THE FLOWER CHILDREN - Mini-Skirt Blues

THE FLOWER CHILDREN - 'Mini-Skirt Blues'/'Marching Lovers' (Castil Records 101) March 1967

With a group name like The Flower Children one would expect 'Mini-Skirt Blues' to be soft flower pop with perhaps male/female harmonies. WRONG; these Flower Children, led by Simon Stokes have a punked up protest anthem on their hands, heavy on the organ, making the whole sonic concoction sound very Seeds like.

Mr Stokes has got his mini-skirt blues real bad. He's almost spitting out the words in this rant. The flip 'Marching Lovers' is more Sunset Strip groove with dumb lyrics and spooky organ.

The 45 also got a release on Allied Records. My copy on Castil Records shows 6 March 1967 stamped on the label. March '67 may not have been the release date but it shows the record was clearly doing the rounds as early as this.



  1. Thanks for ballparking the release date of this. March '67 is earlier than most sources guesstimate.

    As always, great sound!

  2. That organ rythm`its soooo-u catchy!
    and agree that they had some "airs" Seeds alike.

    ;) goodie.

  3. The flip side - March of the Flower Children - has no input from Simon Stokes at all.


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