34. STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK - Paxton's Back Street Carnival

STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK - 'Sea Shell'/'Paxton's Back Street Carnival' (UNI 55093) Nov 1968

By late '68 their turned on pop hits had all but dried up but Strawberry Alarm Clock continued to release records but with less fanfare than before and of course lower sales. That didn't mean the quality of their music had dipped. I really dig the smooth vocals and sunshine pop of 'Sea Shell' but this 45 is a must have for the flip 'Paxton's Back Street Carnival'.

'Paxton's' was recorded back in 1967 as part of the album sessions after the big hit 'Incense And Peppermints'. For some strange and lazy reason it was resurrected as the B-Side for this 1968 flop. I say strange because Strawberry Alarm Clock had moved on musically and their personnel had undergone some changes, so using old material was a tad regressive.

'Sea Shell' must have been a major none seller because it's probably the most difficult SAC 45 to find. But you gotta seek it out for the mono flip. Way better that the stereo cut on the debut album.
'Paxton's' is a pure celebration of a psychedelic street carnival, the lyrics describing the trippy atmosphere and spirit of the hippie mood and frame of mind.

"Your eyes are sparkling
Your mind is moving fast
No need to hurry
The world won't be floating past.
It will wait for you."


  1. Though that i left a comment on this one...appears: not!.
    Well...always liked their style, cause of you Colin I ve been playing recently the Highs in the mid sixties lps, first vols of L.A. ...
    Great...but the lack of info its important,,,so I read this blog :)

    Thanks for another killer. les than 33 to go!


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