THE NO-NA-MEE'S - 'Gotta Hold On'/'Just Wanna Be Myself' (Era Records 3153) Nov 1965

Fantastic double sided garage mayhem from The No-Na-Mee's who are thought to hail from the Los Angeles area although that could be down to the label they were signed to. Era Records were a small indie label located in Hollywood and of course released genre defining moments by The Lyrics and Ty Wagner as well as lesser known delights by The Chocolate Tunnel and The Wizards.

information from a reader: My brother, Cliff Davis was in this band, he played rhythm guitar. Other members were Clayton Ice on keyboards, Rod Williams on drums, Doug Wareham on lead guitar, his brother Duane Wareham on bass. I hope I spelled everyone's name correctly after all these years.

Yes they were from Modesto California. I remember how excited they were when they got back from L.A. after this recording. A highlight of this trip was when they were eating lunch and in walked Sonny and Cher! They also did a recording around this time as backup players for a duo, Jerry and Jan. I have all these records.


  1. The Earwax Vibrations blog featured this one a couple years ago:


    A commenter emphatically states that the group hailed from Modesto, east of S.F. Wish there was more, but alas...

  2. There were lots of bands/musicians not originally from Los Angeles but moved and were based there. The No-Na-Mee's may have been one of those bands releasing a hot single on an L.A label.
    That link is good enough for me to get them in my selected 50.

  3. Doug and Duane Wareham are my cousins. I spent many times either sitting in on their practices and going to performances. They were from the Modesto, CA area. I just chatted with Doug 2 days ago. They were an extremely talented group of musicians.


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