30. BOBBY JAMESON - Vietnam

BOBBY JAMESON - 'Vietnam' (Tower DT-5083) 1967

Hollywood antagonist Bobby Jameson could have been a contender but his ability to piss the 'wrong' people off meant that he'd be left in the shadows of obscurity when his talent was far greater than many of those who succeeded in the music business during the Los Angeles folk rock and psych explosion.

'Vietnam' is a very powerful anti-war protest song with a great Bo Diddley beat and furious vocals by Jameson. He sounds so fucking angry I believe every word he's spitting out. 'Vietnam' was released as a single but probably only as a promo and in very limited numbers. The label was Mira Records 208.....and is virtually impossible to find. Infact several noted record collectors have never even seen a copy.

Fortunately the song was included on the soundtrack album of 'Mondo Hollywood', Carl Cohen's cult film from late 1967.



  1. What happened with England ?! ?! that was a clear goal ! ! ! what tha f***...well, we also made an "ilegal" gol, I think the english were very offensive...a desesperate attitude..my opinion.

    The teutons got some luck too...

  2. Thanks for this post....I just wanted to say that Vietnam was released as a single in 1966 on Mira Records with Metropolitan Man as the b side....It was never promoted and ended up in Mondo Hollywood...thanks

  3. Thanks for dropping by Bobby and updating this entry for 'Vietnam'....I've seen the You Tube video of you and the group of musicians performing this song from '67.

    Totally awesome in every respect.


  4. The backing band for Vietnam was a number of guys from the band The Leaves with Don Conka on the drums....who played with Love for awhile...


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