TERRY RANDALL - 'S.O.S.'/'Tell Her' (Valiant Records V-756) Dec 1966

Terry Randall is a bit of a mystery, although this killer protest 45 about the riots on Sunset Strip during November 1966 is a well known tune among garage hipsters. I first heard it on Highs In The Mid Sixties Volume 2 in less than stellar sound.

When I decided to collect original vinyl singles this record was one of the first on my 'wants' list mostly because it's got a swingin' garage beat that I dig the most and there's some great 'cop' put down lyrics. And no youth digs the cops or the 'filth' as they're mostly known in the North of England...

'S.O.S.' was a chart spotlight pick in Billboard trade magazine during December 1966.

The flip 'Tell Her' is a teener ballad. Both songs were written by Randy Benjamin.


message from a reader:

Just listened to 'S.O.S.' by Terry Randall. Quite a discovery. And talking about cops: where I live (dutch speaking part of Belgium) a 'sos' is... a cop! Rob V.


  1. "get a hair cut!"
    Always liked this song, also consider that it must be more raw, its like the beat keeps in a quiet mood, thats me at least.

    Also remember that vol of higs in the mid 60s, superb.

  2. Terry Randall was Randy Benjamin. A combination of his and his best friends name. He recorded a number of 45s that are pretty cool. I have his first one up at my 60's Indiana Band Szene blog.

  3. Thanks vinylfool....I didn't picture him with that particuar look (as in the one displayed on your blog entry)


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