GREGORY DEE & The AVANTIES - 'The Slide'/'When Will I Be Loved' (Bangar BA 00658) Nov 1964

Bangar was a short lived record label operating out of Minneapolis releasing 45s by the local talent between 1964/65. One such talent was vocalist and hammond organist Gregory Dee Maland who, with his band of outsiders, The Avanties became one of the top draws in Minneapolis, MN.

'The Slide' was their final record on the Bangar label (they also released records on Twin Town) and is a song probably about a style of dancing. So, the lyrics are pretty lame then, but the music rocks with some cool organ and a killsville guitar break.

The flip 'When Will I Be Loved' is an OK version of a Phil Everly ballad.

Greg Maland (vocals/organ)
Dave Metzold (guitar)
Frank Prout (bass) ...he joined The High Spirits in late '66
Doug Nelson (drums)


  1. This was so good it made me get up and dance!

    1. Sad to announce that I just read in the Mpls Star Tribune that Gregory Dee (Maland) passed away Sept 2012 age 68 in Mount Vernon, Wash.
      The life of the late Gregory Dee, a mainstay on the Twin Cities rock scene in the 1960s, will be celebrated with performances by many of his contemporaries -- the Trashmen, the Castaways, the Underbeats, the Del Counts, the Gestures and the singer/organist's own Avantis, known for the 1964 regional hits "The Grind" (an organ-fueled instrumental) and "Olds-Mo-William." Gregory Dee Maland, 68, died in September after a series of strokes over the past six years in Mount Vernon, Wash., where he'd lived for many years. Proceeds go to the nonprofit Guitars for Vets. (6 p.m. Sun Dec.2 Famous Dave's Uptown, $5.) Jon Bream

  2. Sooo sweet. Need my fix of this song every so often. Thanks for fixing the link! I grew up in Minneapolis, and saw this band several times. In about '68 or so, I screwed up my courage and walked up to Greg at the end of a gig, and asked why they no longer played The Grind. He was distracted by untangling some cables to be packed up, and shrugged. "Nobody wants to hear that stuff anymore," he replied. Fortunately, by the end of his life, he knew otherwise.

  3. WOW - this song popped into my mind this morning! Brings back great memories of Bel Rae Ballroom Tuesday nights in the 1960s.


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