THE CREATION - Nightmares

THE CREATION - Nightmares (Disques Vogue 76787) EP 1967

The Creation evolved out of Enfield group The Mark Four and are probably the ultimate cult 60s mod/freakbeat band from England.
For some reason The Creation never made it in England, now that certainly is one big puzzle. They were much more popular in France and Germany and the four track EP shown, was released in France and is a difficult one to score. All cuts were produced by the legendary Shel Talmy.

According to the liners of The Creation CD 'Our Music Is Red - With Purple Flashes' on Diablo Records, former band leader and vocalist Kenny Pickett did not play on 'Nightmares'. He had recently quit the group and was replaced by Kim Gardner. Bass player Bob Garner (ex Merseybeats) took over on lead vocals.

THE CREATION - Nightmares

Eddie Phillips (guitar)
Bob Garner (bass/vocals)
Jack Jones (drums)
Kim Gardner (guitar)


  1. Ouh the Creation were so so so good...
    never had what they the deserved if you ask me.

    Hats off for the band & applause.

    Got this one for a reasonable amount in Bristol.



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