THE BRITISH WALKERS - The Girl Can't Help It

THE BRITISH WALKERS - 'The Girl Can't Help It'/'Lonely Lover's Poem' (Charger CRG-108) June 1965

One of the most popular groups from Washington D.C were Invasion obsessed The British Walkers. During their time as an active combo releasing 45s on various labels (Try, Cameo, Manchester, Charger) they also had a kind of 'revolving door' where members were concerned. I checked out a British Walkers myspace page and they appear to have had as many members as the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

'The Girl Can't Help It' written by Bobby Troup and a big hit for Little Richard in 1957 provides an insight into the sound they created on record. By all accounts they really rocked live with their English styled garage beat and built up a strong following at their local hang out, "The Roundtable"

The flip 'Lonely Lover's Poem' is a rather forgettable beat ballad lament with corny spoken parts where the singer tries his best English accent but believe me I'm English and no one talks like this in these parts. A bad move gents but in 1965 and on a B-Side I suppose it was worth a gamble.

Here's a picture of The British Walkers from 1966 performing at The College of William and Mary. Cool pic was sent in by Jake H.

THE BRITISH WALKERS - The Girl Can't Help It


  1. this is not bad and is usually pegged as the band legendary guitarist Roy Buchanan was in. It's the drummer, however, not the guitarist who sets things on fire on this record.

    I'm not sure these guys were Invasion obsessed; maybe "we need to eat" obsessed. They were just jumping on some very large coattails and were really ex-greasers trying to make a living.


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