BOBBY COMSTOCK - 'I'm A Man'/'I'll Make You Glad' (Ascot 2175) 1966

Here's a first for 'Flower Bomb Songs'. Your author and International Playboy EXPO67 has been drinking Jack Daniel's all evening and I'm nearly as pissed as Keith Moon was back in 1974 when Mr Moon and his best mate Ringo were indulging in the odd tipple at 'Ringo Towers'
Trouble is that when I've had a few too many I get even more opinionated than I normally am or at least that's what 'Er Indoors says..

Anyway, here's a red hot double sider by Bobby Comstock (surely in need of a 'Best Of' on Sundazed)...
Bobby hailed from Ithaca, New York and with his band The Counts, had been releasing 45s since the late 50s.
Then The Beatles and The Stones killed everything in America pre 1964 so Mr Comstock wanted some of that invasion action.

'I'm A Man' is a killer rendition by a group of musicians clearly at home in the studio. It was also part of the neglected "Out Of Sight" album released in 1966. The flip 'I'll Make You Glad' is also pretty neat and is non LP and non comp. Checking the label credits it was written and produced by the collection of whizz kids who recorded as The Strangeloves.

BOBBY COMSTOCK - I'll Make You Glad


  1. Cool, I have a copy of Comstock's "Right Hand Man" on Ascot which is also a winner.


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