THE TURTLES - 'She'll Come Back' (Decca DL 4751) May 1966

I've featured the marvelous Turtles on my site a couple of times before archives and they are without question one of the best ever groups from USA and in particular Los Angeles (you may have noticed that I'm gonna focus my attention for a while on L.A. bands or those from neighbouring parts of Southern California).

Here's a long lost piece of brilliance called 'She'll Come Back' written by singer Howard Kaylan. It's an essential raga folk rock gem with sombre jangle, a sound that some call 'moody' but I just call 'class'. You'll find it hidden away on the soundtrack of the film "Out Of Sight", a rather low budget beach movie.

"Don't you worry my friend,
She'll come back in the end"


  1. "Don't you worry my friend,
    She'll come back in the end"
    a phrase that would be great if only happens that always with those girls who blew my head off...
    Happy happy happyyyy...
    Great turtoisonal-archive.

    Keep it up

  2. This is a very groovy little tune. Thanks for posting.

  3. Well I, for one, am really digging these L.A. sounds. Kind of like the same trip as "L.A. Nuggets: Where the action is".

    Thanks Colin!

  4. What a wonderful track that I have completely over looked until now.It's fabulous and I'm off to play it again!...


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