THE PREMIERS - 'Get On This Plane'/'Come On And Dream' (Faro 624) Nov 1966

'Get On This Plane' borrows heavily from the bass moves of 'I Can Only Give You Everything' but the addition of fuzz transforms the beat into a powerful and hypnotic sting of aural pleasure. Just why records don't sound as good as this anymore fills my head with sadness.

Thankfully, forty years after the fact I can place this 45 on the turntable, crank up the volume and piss the neighbours off with some loud a gritty fuzztone guitar.

The Premiers hit big in 1964 with 'Farmer John' but then slipped back down the pecking order. 'Get On This Plane' was almost their last throw of the dice and was written by singer George Delgada and Max Uballez. Production was carried out by Standells member Larry Tamblyn and East L.A. face Eddie Davis.

The flip 'Come On And Dream' written by Larry Tamblyn is a reflective piece with sweet background vocals, a clattering tambourine and acoustic guitar. I'm not sure why The Standells didn't record this one?

THE PREMIERS - Get On This Plane


  1. The bass line is great (MC5 version of I can only... comes to my memory).
    Ahhh theres no such thing as pissing the neighbours with fuzzed-out-loud 45s...totally agree with you..

    I asked Larry in his personal site, why the Standells never made it with "come on & dream"...

    We´ll see...



  2. Larry said:
    "No, I dont recall. The Standells didn't record this song. In the early days, I worked a lot with Eddie Davis who owned Faro, Linda, Gordo Records. The Premiers was one of the groups who recorded some of Larry's songs."

    But why? mmm...laters!


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