47. THE MONKEES - The Girl I Knew Somewhere

THE MONKEES - 'A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You'/'The Girl I Knew Somewhere' (RCA Victor 66-1004) March 1967 - German picture sleeve

I couldn't select 50 songs from Los Angeles without including The Monkees. You can love them or hate them but there's no denying that they made perfect pop records (apart from those sappy ballads sung by Davy Jones).

At the start of 1967 and a couple of million record sales under their wide buckled belts, The Monkees decided that they wanted to be taken seriously and be a fully fledged group in their own right. They got together at Gold Star studios in Hollywood during January '67 and recorded Mike Nesmith's original 'The Girl I Knew Somewhere' notable for it's inclusion of a blissed out harpsichord break played by Peter Tork. 


  1. "blissed out harpsichord break played by Peter Tork"...well said.

  2. Ha ha ha...sometimes I get somewhat carried away with my descriptions. I like to be different. I guess I'm a maverick.

    Thanks for your comments ModGirl1967. Stick around cos I've got some tasty treats to come from folk rock city.

  3. Cool! I look forward to it. Them. Hey got any Them? ;)

  4. Just looking at the Album Cover ... reminds me of the innocent and wholesome television of that period. Kid orientated. Simple, carefree and light. Whoopie!
    Thanks Colin


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