TRAXTER - Glandular Fever

TRAXTER - 'Glandular Fever' (Immediate IMS 107) May 1976 (recorded 1966)

This is a very strange release but one worth seeking out, although I don't suppose that many copies surfaced. It appears that during the early 70s when Immediate were having a financial crisis they re-released several singles as a bankrupcy clawback.

For some reason the backing track of The Truth's 1966 purple pilled freakbeat swinger 'Hey Gyp' was used by producer David Nicholson but renamed 'Glandular Fever'. This was the B-Side of the record and unlikely to be heard. The A-Side was given over to Crispian St Peters with a cover version of 'You Were On My Mind'...

As a footnote I'll add that I contracted the virus glandular fever when I was 18 years old and I can safely say that it ain't no picnic but this particular glandular fever is mod nirvana.

TRAXTER - Glandular Fever