TEN YEARS AFTER - 'Portable People'/'The Sounds' (Deram DM 176) Feb 1968

This was the first Ten Years After single, released during English brass monkey weather in February 1968. It's a good 45 to seek out because both sides are not on their October 1967 debut album, also on Deram. I might post a song from that disc in the near future.

'Portable People' is a mellow country folk tune, maybe even ahead of it's time. The lyrics deal with the growing movement of holiday makers from England to other parts of the world, especially Europe. Prior to the mid 60s I don't think us working class Brits moved too far away from where we were born never mind to another country.

TEN YEARS AFTER - Portable People

See them at the airport with their cases in their hand
Got a ten day package in another land
They're the jet age gypsies with a super-sonic sound
They're the portable people, and they take themselves around

Portable people, flyin' in the air
Portable people, goin' everywhere
The flip 'The Sounds' another Alvin Lee original, is progressive blues with flashes of acid guitar leads.


  1. Hey COLIN---

    Both sidez of the single are on the ALVIN LEE AND COMPANY album along with some other single mixez.

    Best alwayz---

    "mad" louie


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