THE PRETTY THINGS - "Come See Me" /"£.s.d" (Fontana TF 688) April 1966

Where do I start with The Pretty Things? Well, I'll begin here with their sixth single for Fontana.
After enjoying three small hits that got the band plenty of exposure, TV appearances and gigs in Europe they released this vicious two sided slice of mayhem that flopped, reaching only 43 in the charts and that would have been a big flop when sounds and scenes changed so quickly in mid 60s England.

'Come See Me' is a powerful pill of fuzz, anguished vocals and killer lead guitar from Dick Taylor. The sound was probably a little too extreme for daytime Radio 1 at the time. The song was a cover of an obscure JJ Barnes soul stomper but The Pretty Things totally transformed it into the punked out snarl it became.

The flip '£.s.d' got banned by the BBC for it's LSD connotations. The pre-decimal coinage in Britain in the 60s was pounds, shillings and pence - hence the shortened and written down version of £.s.d  A very clever play on abbreviations by writers Phil May and Dick Taylor. The former would admit in later years that he did write the song about LSD.


  1. the other day i was watching the tv show "sound of the 60s" and the Prettys sang midnito6, what a great song.

    good intro for this post ;)
    pill of fuzz its a gret description for that great tune.

    Yeah I must say that i do prefer the Prettys much better than the Rollings,,,well thats me!


  2. great blog...enjoying it all.
    ...'a little too extreme for daytime radio 1 at the time'...nope, we were still enjoying offshore radio (Caroline, Big L, etc) plastic Radio One until Sept 1967!

  3. The original song is on youtube under "J.J. Jackson", very interesting to compare! :-)


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