THE ROLLING STONES - 'Money' (Decca DFE 8560) Jan 1964

It's been a while since I posted anything about The Rolling Stones on my blog and seeing as though I've got some spare time on my hands while 'Er Indoors' makes my tea, I'm gonna write about Brian's band.

This was The Rolling Stones first ever EP, and was released in January 1964, although the music on offer was recorded in June and November 1963. At this point in their career the band were very much an unknown quantity outside England and Brian Jones still called the shots on the choice of material to record.

Every song on this disc is a cover version and the sounds are rough around the edges. The English beat kids lapped up the release of course sending it to the Number 1 spot, prompting Decca to unleash The Stones debut LP that followed in April 1964.

The back of the cover sleeve has some uncredited liners giving a brief description of the band, when they formed, influences etc.....

"Their approach to their music is far closer to the brash, hard-driving Chicago style rhythm and blues than the majority of the groups currently riding the beat wagon, and it is probably this refusal to compromise their music to match the 'current sound' that has gained them their legions of fans"


This rare image of The Stones from 1965 is taken from TeenBeat annual 1966. Just look at the state of them. These lads looked pretty scarey for a pop group. Check out Bill Wyman, WOW!!!


  1. Yeahhhh gimme moneyyyy.....
    thats what I want!

    Great rip Expo.
    Been listening some of the latest posts this morning!

    I cant stop dancing...

  2. Ha ha ha...thanks Bomber. More Stones to follow..


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