THE KOLLEKTION - 'Savage Lost'/'My World Is Empty Without You' (Heads-Up Records W101) Aug 1967

As I continue my excavation of psychedelic 45s, I'll give some 'Flower Bomb Songs' time to an obscure Miami, Florida group called The Kollektion, who only released one record during their brief existence.
'Savage Lost' is a pounding heavy psych number that was a surprise local hit in their home region, reaching the Top 10 on WQAM. This could be one of the earliest heavy psych records released and was very progressive for an America band.

The Kollektion were regulars at the local hang out 'The World' and saw their popularity rise not only with a hit record but by the fact they were busted by the cops for 'mary jane' possession.

The flip 'My World Is Empty Without You' is a Fudge heavy arrangement of The Supremes song composed by the Holland, Dozer, Holland team.

I briefly checked out The Kollektion singer Angel Rissoff's website and in his biography he didn't even mention his days in one of Florida's most important psychedelic rock bands. I find this very strange indeed. 'Savage Lost' is probably the best thing he ever wrote.

This rare picture (click to enlarge) of The Kollektion was taken from the excelent Jeff Lemlich site limestonerecords