THE SMOKE - 'The Smoke' (Sidewalk Records ST-5912) 1968

I've probably played this record hundreds of times, maybe as many times as 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers' and that's saying something. This studio based group consisted of Michael Lloyd (bass/keyboards/vocals/sundry items), Steve Baim (drums) and Stan Ayeroff (guitar). All three members also recorded as The Rubber Band.

The Smoke album is a very consistant effort with a strong Sgt Peppers influence and I could have chosen any song on the album to represent it on my blog but I've went for the pop psych delight of 'Umbrella'.


  1. Love the Smoke...
    really great lp, got it on the market years ago and it wasnt that expensive.


    Great post

  2. You'll be lucky to get a copy of this album in (at least EX) condition for less than $100 these days.

  3. I to love this album. In the mid 90's Sundazed said that they were going to reissue it, but they never did. When I met Jud Cost in 1999 he said that it was imminent, and the Acid Ray issue has a muddy sound.

  4. This is a comment from early 2011 made by a spokesman from Sundazed Records vis their Facebook page:

    We've talked about this here before, someplace... Here's the deal, once again... It'll NEVER happen from us. We had an agreement in place for the project many years ago, had mastered the project from the original analogs, had all the artwor...k done - and then the licensor wanted to hold it back. We waited for them, got set to go again with their complete blessings - spent more time and money on it, solicited it to our distributors, and then the licensor wanted it held back... AGAIN. Honestly, it can TOTALLY be someone else's nightmare project from here forward - we're on to bigger and better things, for sure...


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