THE PAINTED FACES - 'Anxious Color'/'Things We See' (Manhattan 808) June 1967 

One of the classic psych singles to come out of Florida was 'Anxious Color' by The Painted Faces. They were short lived but left behind some fine singles. Their first 45 was released locally on Qualicon. This coupled the moody folk rock lament 'Things We See' with 'I Want You'... The former turning up again as the flip to the Manhattan release.

 'Anxious Color' is where it's at though with raga sounding guitar leads giving the song a psychedelic sound. According to the liners of the Distortion compilation this 45 was a big hit in South West Florida, hitting number 1 on some stations. It even got extensive airplay on Los Angeles stations making the Top 10. This was probably due to their Mike Curb connections.

Cashbox - July 1967


  1. One of my favourite garageeyyy-ier psych bands. The comp released on Distortions (DR 1020) - anxious color includes all their 45s plus unreleased stuff.

    These guys were from Fort Myers...remember discovering em in Highs in the mid comps vol 3.

    Ok so all the comps that include the Painted Faces songs are highly recommended.

    Thanks for sharing & the info.

    Take care.



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