THE KNACK - My Sharona

THE KNACK - 'My Sharona'/'Let Me Out' (Capitol CL 16087) June 1979

Doug Fieger the lead singer of The Knack died of cancer today and as a tribute I'll post the all time classic power pop 45 'My Sharona' which more or less defined the 'skinny tie' new wave sound.

I used to hear this song every morning in June/July 1979 while getting ready for school and having some breakfast. Radio 1 DJ, Dave Lee Travis a.k.a. 'The Hairy Cornflake' had it on heavy rotation. So much so that it was a big hit in England, reaching number 6 in the charts.

Fieger co-wrote 'My Sharona' with guitarist Berton Averre. The song was about his then teenage girlfriend called Sharona (obviously) and that's her pictured on the sleeve in a tight white vest showing off her raspberry ripples.

The producer for The Knack was Mike Chapman who served his time in the early 70s producing the Glam Rock hits for The Sweet, Suzi Quatro, Mud and others. He also provided instant commercial appeal for Blondie.

THE KNACK - My Sharona


  1. Thanks so much for this tribute. "My Sharona" may have been played to death, but it, and a lot of other stuff The Knack did, stands up as some of the best power pop ever. R.I.P. Doug.


  2. I love the first lp by the Knack, it's so sad two members of the band are not with us anymore
    it's a really fine piece of late 70s power pop
    and i especialy love tunes like "your number or your name" "oh tara" or "that what little girls do"
    a great disc and a sad lost
    even more sad, is how the information seems to be unoticed by everyone
    so , I must say, great post

  3. 24 December 1979,a xmas street party in Montevideo Uruguay (is hot in december and then a tradition make street partys).My Sharona very loud and 500 people dancing in the street.I was 12 and yes,even there we know about them.
    I played and played gettheknack a million times since then.

    A.B Normal

  4. You know I never liked this band...tried a couple of times...but nothing.

  5. I remember being 13 and sheepishly buying this P.S. 45 and sneaking it into the house (safely) under the nose of my heavily right wing mom...ah youth. Oh and the 45 was good too............


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