ESB - 'Mushroom People'/'Let Me Touch You' (In Arts Records 102) 1967

This group of hipsters from Hollywood went from having one of the longest names in pop (ie) The W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band to probably the shortest ESB.

The band were formed out of the ashes of two local acts that promised much but went to nowheresville. George Caldwell and Robert Zinner were in The Bees. Richard Fortunato and Steve Lagana were in The Preachers. Bass player Patrick Burke may have been in a later line up of The Preachers.

'Mushroom People' is in effect their third release but one of the first on the newly formed Hollywood label In Arts Records who also had The Good Time Singers and Smart & Cole Inc on their books. The song is pretty cool with the odd 'mary jane' lyrical reference indicating pot of course. It's a strange psychedelic affair, starting out all mellow and hip then suddenly bursting into a faster rhythm, culminating in a Who like wig out.

'Let Me Touch You' is a slow and brooding acid raga psych nugget. It's such a beautiful sound in my mind. Like a mix of "Younger Than Yesterday" era Byrds and Buffalo Springfield. Dig that trippy "In Arts" record label. A feast for your eyes and mind. 

"I can make you feel like raindrops falling to the ground."


  1. Hi, do you know anything about a psych 45 from a band called joint on columbia with the songs collage & remember?

    thank you

  2. Great post. Love that In-Arts label design... and "Mushroom People" is on my Top 20 most psychedelic list for sure. Somehow, ESB manages to cram eight--count 'em eight--distinct musical passages onto a 2:53 record (ten if you're counting changes)!


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