THE DOORS - 'People Are Strange'/'Unhappy Girl' (Elektra EK-45621) Sept 1967

According to Doors drummer John Densmore, his band started out in a Venice garage and just over a year later were playing 'Light My Fire' on The Ed Sullivan Show. Such are the breaks I suppose and Jim Morrison's wild antics and tight leather jeans must have helped along the way.

The Doors managed to successfully attract a pop crowd and an intellectual one and 'People Are Strange' is a song that would appeal to both crowds. It was quite a big hit both in USA and Europe with some copies coming in a trippy picture cover.

The song deals with being and outsider and was written by Robbie Krieger and the Lizard King after walking to Laurel Canyon and encountering strange freaks on the way. A full page Billboard advert was taken out by Elektra to promote the release of the latest Doors record in September 1967. 


  1. Ahhh this beauty with no comments(????)...amazing.

    Well, what else to say, one of my favourite bands of all times (if not the #1).

    I do have the same 45 s and realized that our partner Jim too, applause him for sharing ;)

    A great share/rip.
    Lovely songs. I do prefer "break on through"


  2. I have this , too. Of course , saw them play live, 1967 with Jefferson Airplane at Birmingham High School , in the San Fernando Valley. !!!!!


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