DAVID HOLLIS - "Sheri" /"Monkey Man" (Hip H-111) October 1967

Now here's a performer I don't know anything about. Just who is David Hollis? Several checks in various reference books and online sources reveal absolutely nothing. In fact my website is probably the first place this fantastic double sided psychedelic 45 has had it's brief moment of glory.

This release was one of the earliest on Hip Records (a short lived Stax subsidiary). Steve Cropper has been name checked on the label as a co producer with Natalie Rosenberg. Don't know anything about Natalie but Mr Cropper is probably the guitarist from Booker T and the MG's.

David Hollis has got it real bad for Sheri. He's totally tripped out by her but there's too many I'm Sorry's in the lyrics for my liking. David, you ain't gonna get your girl back by being all sappy......be a caveman like those guys from The Avengers.

The music backdrop for 'Sheri' is a baroque psych lovers dream. It's very trippy and the whispered vocals add to the the overall coolness.
The flip 'Monkey Man' is a slow paced groover.......'You better cool it while you can, Monkey Man'.....

This record is a real find for me. It's never been compiled before as far as I know.


  1. Hey, thank you for posting the "Sheri" song. I have not heard that since 1968/9? David Hollis is an artist based in German Town, TN. This tune was very popular on the Memphis stations upon release. eclectic ear!


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