ROCKIT - Amblin'

ROCKIT - '(Blame It) On The Pony Express'/'Amblin' (Verve VK10654) 1971

This is a rather obscure and needless to say marvelous record by a genius called Michael Lloyd. He was of course highly influential as a member of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band then demonstrated his pop psych brilliance with The Smoke.

According to several WCPAEB articles I've read (special mention must be given to the exhaustive piece by Shindig magazine) Rockit were in effect a mini reunion of my 'Transparent Day' GODS. Michael Lloyd was aided in this project by Shawn and Dan Harris.

I did some research on this disc because the information about the Rockit record has been scant to say the least. The Shindig article only briefly mentioned it but no label scans were provided. According to a book called 'MGM Labels - A Discography' the A-Side '(Blame It) On The Pony Express' was recorded on the 15th of December, 1970 at the MGM studios in Los Angeles.

Two songs were recorded at this session....'Pony Express' and 'Don't Make Me Into Something I'm Not'...maybe the latter recording is still unreleased to this day? The entry states that both songs were destined to be released as a 45 on MGM K14222 but for some reason this was cancelled and transferred to Verve Records.

'(Blame It) On The Pony Express' is bouncy and uplifting soul pop and should have sold millions but didn't and so languishes in obscurity. The flip is the ethereal 'Amblin'.....a pop song so perfect it makes my head hurt. It's wondrous soundscape reminds me of the previously mentioned Smoke music.


  1. Exceedingly nice song! I want to be your net-friend! Great blog! Greetings from Moscow (Russia)

  2. Very good song by lloyd! any chance of posting VELVET SEED -'Sharon Patterson' I like to hear that one Thank You

  3. Both sides of the Velvet Seed 45 were compiled on Cavestones - Volume 6. I'm selling these compilations at £5 each.

  4. Amblin' actually predates Blame it on the Pony Express, it was used for the soundtrack of the 1968 Steven Spielberg short movie of the same title. Strangely enough it was credited to October Country in the film credits, which makes me wonder if the Harris bros actually appear on this recording.


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