THE BEATLES - Ticket To Ride

THE BEATLES - 'Ticket To Ride'/'Yes It Is' (Parlophone R 5265) April 1965

I thought it was time again to post some Beatles music so I flicked though my copy of 'The Beatles Recording Sessions' to check out details of songs they were busy recording in a February during the 60s. I stopped at the year 1965 and noticed that my four heroes were in Abbey Road Studios laying down one of my favourite songs 'Ticket To Ride' during mid February, 1965.

According to the notes the afternoon session lasted 5 hours and they didn't stop until the song was complete. 'Ticket To Ride' was written by John Lennon but there was a whole load of input by Paul McCartney. He played both bass and lead guitar, including the characteristic opening sequence. Ringo's outstanding drum pattern was also Paul's idea.

THE BEATLES - Ticket To Ride

Here's the Dutch pic sleeve for 'Ticket To Ride' sent in by resident Flower Bomb Songs contributor Jim Wynand.


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