Some of my regular readers may be asking themselves 'Where the frig has EXPO gone this past month?' Well my friends, I've been spending more time over on my new blog called 'Sound Capsule 1970-1976'..... (click above title to surf to new site) 

You see, I've got so many records (not just garage and psych) that I've decided to regress back to my pre teenage years and re-examine Glam Rock and Heavy Rock records in my collection. Some of the music will be light hearted, some of it will be serious. Some of it will be strange. But all of it must have been released in England during 1970-1976.

I'll be highlighting those gems from the early 70s when the world was such a simpler place and England, my dear old England was one of the coolest countries on the Planet before it turned into a dustbin of the third world.

I'll be spending most of my time on my new site in the coming months and maybe I'll post some records you forgot all about or have never heard before.

keep it real....