A ROUND UP OF 2009 - 45s

So how did I fair in 2009? Well, due to the ever decreasing £££ sterling against the US $$$ my spending on garage 45s took a huge dent. It just wasn't worth it as much as it had been in the previous couple of years when the £ was double the $ rate.

So I decided to pick apples from the lower branches of the trees and started to fill the missing pieces in my collection that didn't cost too much such as singles by The Standells, The Turtles, The Association and The Enemys etc etc. I only ever buy items in at least EX condition (UK Record Collector guide)....

Even though the credit crunch did take away some of my spending power I still bought 322 singles during 2009, 78 vinyl LPs and 21 CDs (including Box Sets)

My top four singles are pictured. They were not among the most expensive items I bought, they're here because they're my favourites. Pictured are: The Sex Pistols 'Anarchy In The UK' @ £39, Crystal Chandlier 'Suicidal Flowers' on Cobblestone Records @ £67, The Free '(Day Of) Decision For Lost Soul Blue' @ £19 and The Bare Facts 'Bad Part Of Town' @ £60