THE KLAN - Wait And See

THE KLAN - 'Already Mine' EP (Palette EPPB 7277) 1966

Over the next couple of months my blog entries will concentrate on European mod and psych records in anticipation of a few new Circles compilations I intend to put together.
The Klan were based in Belgium and contained some English musicians. The band appear to have done quite well in Belgium and France but are virtually unknown outside of these two countries.


  1. I have this EP with another cover
    i love the track "out of line"

    i think they were not that known here in France

  2. Really dig this band...Join us its a great lp! One of my firsts trips to belgian rock!

  3. "Already Mine" is an amazing cut! Of equal intrest is a later single of theirs from '67 (I believe) called "Nobody Will Ever Help You" that has shades of '67 Pink Floyd going on. Great band with a bad band name!

  4. Yes indeed 'Nobody Will Ever Help You' is a great psych track and I intend to post the sleeve and compile it on one of my future Circles comps.

    I actually like the band name The Klan....It's not like they called themselves The KKKlan whai may have raised the odd eye brow.


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