THE BLACKBURDS - Absolument Hyde Park

THE BLACKBURDS - 'Absolument Hyde Park' (Philips 437.260) 1966

This 1966 French EP was mainly a vehicle for superstar Johnny Hallyday's mod take of 'Noir C'est Noir' (Black Is Black) however, it contains a couple of hidden treasures by his backing band The Blackburds.

The Blackburds would eventually release some records of their own and of course the two Brits from the combo, guitarist Micky Jones and drummer Tommy Brown would strike out on their own with some crunching mod psych 45s as The State of Micky & Tommy.

'Absolument Hyde Park' is a swingin' London au go go instro with fuzz and cool organ interplay.
'Promenade' is just as good.
tracks on EP:

Johnny Hallyday
'Noir C'est Noir' (Circles - Volume 2)
'La Generation Perdue'

The Blackburds'Promenade Dans La Foret Du Brabant' (Circles - Volume 2)
'Absolument Hyde Park' (Circles - Volume 1)

THE BLACKBURDS - Absolument Hyde Park


  1. I have talked about this one about a year ago
    you're right the two instrumentals are really cool, and it's an easy find (at least in France) :)

    Papillon (a former Lionceaux)was also in this backing band i think

  2. Great to finally know who The Blackburds are. I seem to recall that Mickey Jones also backed Ronnie Bird in the 60's before The State of Mickey & Tommy, but I can't be 100% sure!

  3. I don't know if they backed Ronnie Bird but I've read that The Blackburds played on Sylvie Vartan records


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